Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 24, 2008


NOt that kind of boob you dirty person you... This is about my favorite boob- the boob tube. I think that line just made me sound gay. This is what I love about having internet, free access to US television shows. Well not really free as I have to pay monthly dues for internet access.

ANyway the this month have been very fruitful for me in terms of watching television. I know there's been some strike going on with the AMerican tv and movie writers that's why our favorite shows have been lacking lately. And I'm the type who'd rather wait for the season to finish before watching the series itself. To avoid having to wait for complete episodes.

And this year, although not a very good year for television shows, but still there were some really interesting and smart shows that came out.

I love this show very much! I love that it shows geeks can bag hot women with nice bosoms. Pretty much unbelievable but still relatable. Chuck is your everyman, only thing is that he has all the government secrets stored in his brain. I love this show.

NOw this show, I want to watch over and over and over. It's funny. It's not that smart but it's very witty. What would you do if your parents sell your soul to the devil? That's basically the premise of the story, and that's a very good premise. Something that I sometimes wanted to do, if I'm really desperate about something.

A feel good and very smart fairy tale is something television lacks. And this show offers heaps and heaps of it. In a very modern way. I only saw the first episode of this show and I thought that it really is very intelligent. Something like the movie Big Fish only more creative.

Wow, this show have some episodes that made me cry. Not depressing. But touching is the word. This show is quite touching.

Generally, with the exception of Dawson's Creek, I hate teenybopper shows. And this borders on one of them. But damn, this is a guilty pleasure. Kirsten Bell's sexy voiceovers as gossip girl as well as S and B's storylines kept me glued to my seat last weekend. Although this show, if I can type this part of the entry with an invisible ink, I will.

Other favorites: Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Dexter and 30 Rock as well as The Office. Soon I'll have more time to watch these shows.

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