Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 25, 2008


2nd day of being 26 and this is something sort of normal for me. I didn't really do anything special on my birthday this year. But as mundane my celebration was yesterday, my plan for this year is not. I would like this year to be extraordinary.
Here are some plans I have for myself to be accomplished this year:

- Go out of town at least once.
- FInd a new job... a non-call center work
- But first resign from my latest work
- Leave the country? (still in question)
- Learn everything I need to learn about my pc (be more techie)
- Join a game show on tv (high time people see me on screen again)
- Save more money
- As of writing, I really want to have a kid...
- Write more interesting and entertaining entries
- Date more... FInd a constant date
- Meet more new people...
- Spend less on comic books

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