Mga Sumasampalataya

Jan 8, 2008


The main reason why I haven't been in touch with this blog for the past 3 weeks is having a visitor here at home. My cousins from the States came to the country over the holiday to experience Christmas and New Year, Filipino style.

You see Brandon and Drew have never been to the country before, it's their first time here and they haven't met their entire family yet. I think it's safe to say that they were really surprised to find out that they have a huge family in the Philippines.

Christmas was actually the date for our slight family reunion with 4 generations of the clan in attendance. The picture you see here is but only a fraction of our entire family. It doesn't even include the families of my dad's siblings. His siblings aren't even complete in this picture. He has 6 other surviving siblings.

Anyway, they left already today, and I actually am starting to miss them. I'm not really used anymore to have this house quiet. And actually, this might sound cheesy, but for the few days that they were here, I actually felt how it is having brothers, and it's actually fun.

Some other family reunion stories, I have a tip about how to be a good uncle.

"NEVER lend your phone to your young nephews or nieces."

During the holiday, I actually lost all the pictures in my phone on Christmas. I don't know what happened but poof, all my pictures were gone. Good thing that I've already transferred all of it to my pc before that happened. If only my nephew wasn't cute, I may have thrown him out my window.

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