Mga Sumasampalataya

Jan 12, 2008


2008 a new year, and a new resolution. As this is the year that I enter the last year of being in the mid-20's range, I've come to look back at what I have done since I entered my 20's.


For a brief period of time I finally been on top of the career that I've entered after I graduated. I left pretty much earlier to try and find new things. Spread my wings.
Unfortunately, job hunting is difficult when you don't have the budget. I ended up working in a call center again. Silver lining though is that it's a dayjob.
I may not like where I am at the moment career-wise but with all the decisions in life I've made, I have no regrets.
I'm actually rethinking staying here in the Philippines. Maybe there are better things in store for me abroad.


My parents have achieved one of their dreams in their adult life... going to the States. I'm happy for them.
Last year, my family actually grew.
For 4 months I lived in an apartment and developed a relationship stronger than friendship with some of the people I worked with.
The last few days of 2007 I felt how it is having brothers. And actually for the first time, our house finally had life. Just read previous entry.


Being a yuppie, the last few years I've been able to purchase the things that I really wanted to buy: comics, perfume, XBox360, speakers and DVD's.
The thing is, with all those purchases, I wasn't able to save money. Four years working, and none to show for it in terms of money.
If there is one regret I have in my life, is that I never learned to save money. But more of that in future posts.
Money matter will be something that I'll learn this year.


The last few years have been a roller coaster for me in terms of relationships.
Typical single who can't keep someone for longer than I wanted to. Who knows, maybe it's me or I just have lousy luck in terms of love.
Lovelife may be bad, good thing though, the same could not be said about my sex life.
Other than that, everything's the same with me.

Looking forward to this year, I'm not sure that this will be a good year, but there's nothing wrong about being optimistic. It has to be my new credo in life. Find a good thing in every decision I make. And be happy. Always be happy.

Even if I can't find a reason to.

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