Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 26, 2013


So do you want to break up? The Kid asked the last time we fought.

The last three years and three months have been a roller coaster ride for our relationship. There have been too many ups as much as lows in our love affair.

What lit up the fuse this  time as in most of our fights has been about his attitude. You see when you're young, you have this sense of entitlement to things you deserve. And when he does not get what he wants careerwise, his personality switches to a spoiled kid who gets everything he wants and throws tantrums if things don't go his way.

Being the adult, I try to be patient and give some words from personal experience to at least calm him down. But the last time, something in me snapped. I have personal issues at work and at home and the last thing I want is to deal with a child with an outburst.

I feel there is something missing in my life, he tells me.

Do you want to look for that missing thing? I asked.

What do you mean?

You're missing something, I'm not sure I am enough to fill that piece in your life. I am asking you if you want to look for it elsewhere.

Are you breaking up with me? He asked.

Am I, I asked myself. Should I? Do I not love this Kid anymore? Have my patience reached it's end.

The problem with you is that you don't listen to me. I support you, but there are some things that we have to consider realistically. I am always behind you, but you have to consider you're not the only one with problems, and what you're going through is not big enough to warrant this kind of emotions. It's not heavy a baggage. What you need is patience. Something you're draining me of.  I have problems of my own too, and you never seen me throw a fit.

I just get tired of dealing with you.

There was a pause.

Do you want to break up with me? he asked again.

I asked myself, do I still love him.

In the three years that we've been together, he has grown a lot. I might say he has matured. The nine year age gap shows sometimes when we tell each other what we want from one another. I have grown accustomed to his company. My parents treat him like their other child. And I know that he really really loves me.

Do you want to be free of me? He asked of me one more time. He was tearing up this time.

I don't know what I will do without you. He pleads.

When we entered the relationship, we promised each other to stick to one another.

I love him.

And I choose to keep my promise.


FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

Ang sweet mo. Sobra. Sticking with your lover. At least you're one of the few people who seems to believe that being in a relationship is a responsibility by itself. I wish you all the best. Everything will pass by. :)

Nakarelate ako. 12 years age gap. Ako yung younger one. And yes, I'm the one who vents out usually and siya naman ung patiently na nakikinig lang. I always ask him though kung nauubusan na siya ng pasensya and he always say na natutuwa pa raw sya? Hmmmm. Weird. But to be safe medyo ilelevel ko muna yun.

Geosef Garcia said...

OMG! Like FSOQ, I can totally relate! I'd been in the same situation. Though I am also the younger one, and our age gap is 8 years. Parang ikaw yung naging partner ko, and feel ko I was reading his exact thoughts. *hahaha* For I moment, akala ko siya mismo ikaw! :)

Anyways, what is true love without the lows, right? If all things are ups, it will soon be uninteresting. Obstacle are part of life, I'm sure you already know that. I'm glad that in spite all your differences, love still prevails in you. Stay happy. *hugs*

Victor Saudad said...

I dread that question... that question with the phrases "break up with me". Everytime I get that question, I actually only hear "Break up with me".

Good for you, you didn't hear things the way I do, and you listened to your heart.

Rix said...

I admire you for keeping your promise..

Overthinker Palaboy said...

Spell commitment. Wooohoo!

Jjampong said...

so much kindness in your heart...
eventually he'll mature more and it will be through your help, dedication and love

:) a good read before a good night sleep

Nomad said...
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Nomad said...

this is fictional right?

Sloane said...

Me and my first live-in partner had a 17 year gap. I was 17 when the two of us became lovers, at 18, I moved in with him. For 6 years we stayed together, there were no rough fights, there were dramas, and I had tantrums as well. I guess throwing a tantrum is normal for kids at that age. Our break-up was mutual, maybe he was so much tied to his work, while I got swallowed by my own passions to pursue my career. I can say that we grew apart. At the last day of us being together, he told me "I can let you go because you are now the man I wanted you to be". It took time for both of us to move on, but after that, until this very day, we are as close as we were before, his family is still close to me and they still welcome me as their own. I believe our bond is much deeper now, because we treat each other as family after the romance was gone.

kaloy said...


Hanggang kaya.

Photo Cache said...

decisions made while in the heat of the moment usually leads to worse situations. glad you didn't break up this time.

missed your posts.