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Dec 25, 2012


Given that I don't blog as much as I would like, I thought to just post my best of the year today.

And before I continue, let me just say thank you to everyone who still visits, leaves a comment, and just drops by even if the favor has not been returned. I can't say it as much but I really do appreciate everything. Words are not enough to return the appreciation.

BEST MOVIE (International)
This year gave us a lot of adaptations. From books, plays to comic books. And they have all been brilliant. It is unfortunate that we don't get to watch all of the films the same time that it goes out in the US. This is the time when all good films come out. Given my opening line, I'd say that the best film of the year is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I loved the book. Maybe that's why I'm a bit biased with this decision. This made me cry on the same scenes that I read from Stephen Chbosky's novel. I love Charlie. I love his friends. I love the book. And I love this movie.
RUNNER-UP: Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers

LAST YEAR: Zombadings, Patayin sa Shokot si Remington
Because of all my expenses this year, I neglected to see  more Filipino films than I would like to. I resorted to the usual rom coms that was released by Star Cinema. There were a lot of quality films that came out during the Cinemanila Festival, and I missed all of that. So now, I'm going with a film that at least made me smile after I left the cinema. It's not a bad film, I tell you.  It's a riot. It's not filled with cliche. At least for a Filipino film. Unofficially Yours is my pick for best film this year simply because I'm a fan of John Lloyd's movies. Maybe I'm a blind follower. But I'm shallow. And Angel Locsin is hot. Yes, Denoy. Angel Locsin is HOT!
RUNNER-UP: The Healing

LAST YEAR: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
There is no game this year that I have not stopped playing until I finished it... Twice other than Mass Effect 3. I have played this game a total of I think 3 times. Each time, my experience is different and elevated. I love the story. I love the art. I love everything about this game. The ending was a bit lacking, but it's enough to make it worth my while. Plus gay sex scenes!!! Whether you're a gay man or likes to see girl on girl action, you will find this game satisfying. This game made my fantasy come true since the original Mass Effect. Kaden Alenko and Commander Shepherd got it on!!! I'm not a pervert.
RUNNER-UP:  Max Payne 3, Kingdom of Amalur, Dishonored

LAST YEAR: Game of Thrones
This show has been in my runner up list 3 years now, but this year is different. The show improved by a hundred percent on it's third season. It has a tighter story. Great pacing. And some of the best action scenes to be found in television at the moment. Season 3 of The Walking Dead is the Best Television Show of 2012. The prison gave us some of the best moments in the comic book series, and I'm happy that it's being translated to the show. I would've preferred to see Michonne's torture scenes on tv though, but what we got is enough. I can't wait for February for the conclusion of this season.
RUNNER-UP: Suits, Don't Trust The B**** In Apartment 23, New Girl

LAST YEAR:  100 Days To Heaven
Who knew that a tv version of Good Manners and Right Conduct, a show without a villain and no recurring teleserye cliche would make it to my Best List.  Be Careful With My Heart is exactly that, and those are actually the same reasons why this is the best Pinoy tv show of the year. No missing children, no affairs, no nothing. It's just a show about Sir Chief and Maya's chemistry with each other. Yeah, the acting sometimes looks like it came out from a high school play, but whatever. My heart was captured by this little morning show.
RUNNER-UP: Princess & I, A Beautiful Affair

LAST YEAR: The Dark Angel Saga
I guess this would be my default choice as I don't really remember any other events this year. Avengers Versus X-Men is Marvel's event of the year pitting the Avengers against a Phoenix powered X-Men.  The event was a bit uneven, sometimes it has clunky logic, sometimes it is just pure brilliance (Spider-Man Vs Phoenix powered Colossus and Magik). In the end, this event has moved the entire Marvel Universe into the Marvel Now era. An era that brought us some really good storylines and comic books. This may be a default winner, but it did bring some sweeping changes.
RUNNER-UP: The Night of the Owls, The Walking Dead 100

LAST YEAR: Detective Comics
Taking a consecutive win is new for this list. Well, technically, these are two different series, but when you think of it, it's from the same writer/artist combo that gave us the brilliant comic book of last year. Scott Snyder's Batman is one of the most engaging series of not just this year, but ever. He writes Batman with an eloquence and intelligence that I've never read in a Batman series before. The book is as dark and just as brilliant as the films crafted by Christopher Nolan. Batman is simply one of the most sophisticated comic books that's being published this generation. A literary classic, if it's possible to call it one.
RUNNER-UP: Amazing Spider-man, Wolverine and The X-Men, Daredevil, Hawkeye

LAST YEAR: Zia Quizon
I was tempted to choose Psy's Gangnam Style for this year's Best Song, but that would be a cop out, because there were quite a number of good music that came out in 2012. Some of them may not be famous like Psy's 1 billion youtube views hit, but these are songs that I will never get tired of listening to. I am not a huge fan of this band, but I love a lot of their songs. It's different. It's catchy. And my pick for Song of The Year is just easy on the ears. Just as I like it. Muse's Madness.
RUNNER-UP: Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style, KZ Tandingan, Gotye

LAST YEAR: Positive Philippines
I would like to continue the highlight of every positive things that we Filipinos have. We are indeed a country of heroes. A country of hopefuls. A country of winners. We know how to stand up after a fall. We see the good things inspite of calamities, tragedies and uncertainties. We just need to highlight our successes more than our shortcomings as a country. We have a lot to be proud of. We just have to be consistent. Some of the highlight of our year: Impeachment Trial, RH Bill, Nonito Donaire's win, Jessica Sanchez's American Idol journey, and our 1st place finish in the recently concluded Ms. Universe.

LAST YEAR: Same Shit Different Day
Three years as a runner-up isn't really deserving for this blogger. He is a brilliant writer and a hilarious one at that. His posts, although seldom never failed to crack me up. This is a prime example of what a Humor Blog should be. You'd think that it's offensive, but it really is not. It's the kind of brutal honesty that we don't want to hear, but would like to listen to or read all day. He is a blogger who a lot of bloggers try to imitate but cannot copy. There is just something in his humor that is distinctive to this writer only. It's the type of humor that is smart, and not just slapstick. So, without further ado, my blog of the year for 2012 is Wickedmouth.
RUNNERS-UP: K is for Kabit, Human All Too Human

So, these are my bests of 2012. What are yours?



Juicy Jay said...

Best indeed! Merry Christmas pare! And cheers to good life ahead. God bless you more!

khantotantra said...

ayos ang best of 2012 mo. Agree ako sa wickedmouth, sa walking dead at be careful with my heart. heheheh.

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

ayos na ayos yung pagkakagawa mo sa 2012 year end post mo!!

agree ako yun sa mga yun!!!

lalo na yung mga tv series!

Chikletz said...

ang kulet lang ng Zombadings (last year). tawa ko ng tawa.

i agree with you on The Walking Dead and the runner-ups sa TV Shows. Dead on!!

kaloy said...

great year - here's to a greater one.

and yeah to Unofficially Yours, Please Be Careful with my Heart and Wickedmouth. Hehehe.

happy new year gillboard!

JM said...

ayos nga ung bests mo. though ndi mo nagustuhan si the mistress? deserving din si wickedmouth. salbaheng bata yang si glentot. haha.

glentot said...

HAHA shiiit napangisi ako nang very big ah. Ang bagal ko kasi magscroll kasi binabasa ko isa-isa mula sa top kaya nagulat ako pagdating sa dulo LOL. Oo nga runner up ako dati ah! Salamat at nakamit ko na ang tagumpay! Ahaha LOL.

Agree ako dun sa Best Movie Local tangina yang Zombadings, may copy ka ba nyan? Hirap hanapin sa torrent!!! Sa sine ko pa yan pinanood eh. Best of TV rin ang Game of Thrones for me, hayup ang mga ganap diyan. Agree rin ako sa blog of the year hahaha LOL pakshet salamat.

Archieviner said...

Congrats sa best of 2012. wickedmouth deserved. :)

Denoy Eusebio said...

what happened to my previous comments here? hehe

gibo, up na last post ko. drop by ka naman.

L said...

natawa ako nung makita ko sa dulo 'yung "same shit, different day." haha! ako pala 'yung nanalo last year for best blog? weh, di nga? nakakatawa naman talaga 'yan si glentot eh. nakakatawa 'yan tsaka ano...nakakatawa. hehe.

nung isang araw lang, pinanood ule namin ni dude 'yung perks. maluha-luha ule kaming magkayakap habang tinatapos 'yung pelikula. ang hindi ko masyadong maintindihan, sinabi ba explicitly ni chbosky sa libro that charlie was sexually assaulted by his aunt? o_O