Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 21, 2012


To be honest, I was really prepared to hate this movie. I read the books, and it's one of those books that I could not stop reading. I have only seen one trailer, and just contented myself with their awesome posters. But I was ready to hate the movie.

Lo and behold, the director stuck to the script. The film is a very solid interpretation of the book. As in, everything I remember that happened in the book happened in the movie. And they made me finally realize what the Cornucopia looked like. This was the one thing I was having a hard time trying to picture when I read the book.

I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Eberdeen. I love typing Katniss Eberdeen.

Oh and please, girls, this is not another Twilight. So please stop ooohing  on Peeta. He's gonna end up a mess of a guy on Book 3.

It's a nice children's movie. Julia Roberts  was funny. Still think she's the fairest of them all. And I was so distracted by Lily Collins' thick eyebrows.

Charming film though. I predict it will still be better than the Twilight version coming out this summer.

They're finally out of the farm. Man, that storyline dragged on for too long. The comics version was like less than 6 issues, if I'm not mistaken. But then again, they have strayed too far from the written title. Looking forward to the prison. If they'll follow the comics storyline, I think Season 3 will be the best Season for TWD.

Did you see the finale? Michonne baby!!! Oh, and they've already cast The Governor!!! Exciting.

Got this game last week, and I can't wait to finish this game and play it again. I need to play it again because I killed a lot of people in Tuchanka. The storyline is amazing, and the graphics... outstanding.

I'm playing the Xbox version, and I must say, Kinect's voice commands is the way to play this game. From outside my room, I may sound like an idiot screaming out 'Warp', 'Throw' and 'Fortify'. But it's cool.

Can't wait to have my Shepherd make out with Alenko. Been dreaming of that since the original Mass Effect came out.

Since the movie's coming out tomorrow, might as well put on a quickie review of this series. I loved the first 2 books (Hunger Games and Catching Fire), but the third one was a bit dragging. To be honest, I haven't actually finished Mockingjay because it was boring.

Can't wait to see the film though. I hope it will be good.

I've always been a fan of Lacoste's colognes (perfume is for women) since I first smelled Lacoste Red. I think I had almost all of their scents including Pour Homme, Essentials, and Challenge.

But Lacoste White so far is my favorite. It's got that fresh-out-of-shower feel to it's scent. I really feel gwapo whenever I put it on.

I have to put this on as this is the first time in a year that I bought a new cologne. Yeah, I've been poor the last year. I bought the Blue one too, with the citrus-y scent, but I loved the White one better.


khantotantra said...

Antagal nga nila nagstay sa farm.

nalalabuan ako dun sa asawa ni rick. sarap patayin. gusto niang mawala si shane, tas nung napatay, nag-inarte! kainis

bagotilyo said...

wala p kong napapanood sa mga yan . at least may idea n ko kahit papano ..heheh

Alexis Colby said...

my fave perfume is CK Eternity. ang sexy lang ng scent.

the green breaker said...

I loved the Hunger Games movie, and the novel. I swear we had the same hate at the trilogy because I finished it in 10 days, most of the review time sacrificed to it..

TWD. Carl is supposed to follow a darker path, right? And Michonne. I though they'd be scrapping her out but it was a relief she finally showed up, with Shane gone. Hahaha. But the finale was not hot. The second to the last episode to me is the best they had for season 2. So long for season 3~

dong ho said...

sige mukhang papanoorin ko itong hunger games. yung walking the dead dami ding sumusunod dyan kaya simulan ko to. fingers crossed kunwaring maraming oras.

glentot said...

I loved the Hunger Games movie. Faithful and entertaining...

Anonymous said...

ako na lang yata ang hindi nakakacatch ng hunger games fever. haha. ang bango mo gb! :D PM

Maldito said...

may isang part lang na hindi sinunod sa libro..yung pagbigay kay katniss ng pin...di ba si madge ang nagbigay nun at hindi yung matanda sa movie?hehehe..

I love the movie too!!!

maitry nga yung lacoste white...may tendency kasi ako na i associate ang white sa "virgin"..ahahhaa

Little Miss Pataki said...

I think The Hunger Games movie was made for the fans. I don't think those who did not read the book would fully appreciate the Title kumbaga. They won't experience it like we did reading the book. I mean, given that the book is almost always better than the movie adaptation. I would've appreciated some narration, maybe? To help others na hindi nakabasa ng book.

bagotilyo said...

gusto ko ding panooring yang the hunger games :)

Raft3r said...

ano yun hunger games?

Dorm Boy said...

Ang ganda ni Katniss! Astig pa! D ako nagbabasa ng book pero masaya na ako sa kwento ng movie! Can't wait for the next part.

Ano ang game para sa mga naglalalaba?

Sagot: The Hanger Games (sampayan na) hehehe! nabasa ko lang sa fb. =)

caloy said...

sa hunger games lang.

jangas! mas nauna ko panoorin kesa basahin. kung ano yung nasa book, ganun na ganun talaga. di tulad ng ibang movie na na-murder yung book dahil ibang-iba na ang kwento. lahveht.

L said...

maganda 'yung hunger games (yes, sa wakas, napanood na namin ni dude) pero hindi ako na-convert bilang fan. hehe. at bilang hindi naman ako fan, ginoogle ko na 'yung plot nung ikalawa at ikatlong istorya. tama nga 'yung hula ko, magkakaron ng all-star games. hehe.

tingin ko hindi naman niya kinopya 'yung battle royale (which is, napanood ko na rin). may resemblance pero wala namang rason para ipag-kumpara. ganun naman kasi sa literature at pop culture, paulit-ulit lang ang storyline at kung meron mang pagkakapareho, hindi naman siguro sinasadya.

at naghahanap pa rin ako ng kopya ng walking dead season 2. hehe.

turista project said...

now that i got a review from a book reader of the adaptation, tumaas lalo ang respect ko for the film kasi i loved it when i saw it eh. it was very engaging -- the hunger games.