Mga Sumasampalataya

Jan 26, 2012


How imperfect is Gibo as a boyfriend? Let's count the ways.

He may not always remember when your anniversary is or occassionally forget that you have a weekend date on a particular Saturday or Sunday. It's not that he purposely forget these things, it's just he's brain damaged. His mind gets easily occupied of trivial stuff that sometimes he forgets the really important things. Be patient with him and oftentimes, he will make up for it with really awesome sexy time (just kidding). But he will make up for it.

If he doesn't talk too much during dates, it's not that he's bored or anything. He's just really quiet. That's why he prefers really talkative people to balance out his being quiet all the time. But he does listen. He will remember everything you said, specially if he thinks it's important. From time to time he will surprise you. He could be spontaneous too, you know. You just need to open yourself up a little. He will really appreciate that.

He doesn't prefer public displays of affection, seeing how he is. You're likely only going to receive gifts during special occasions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas). He's not going to bombard you with I Love You's or I Miss You's nor will he baby talk with you all the time. He was used to the single life, and sometimes cuddling could be uncomfortable for him. He's not saying you have to get used to that, he's still learning. He may be 29, but that doesn't mean he knows everything. He's screwed up all his past relationships, but he is trying to change. It may take a long time, but he'll get there.

Sometimes he just doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut when it comes to his opinions. Oftentimes he delivers inappropriate jokes, and there's a chance that he could be a jerk. He's not spoiled, but he is an only child, so the tendency of him being a brat is kind of high. Sometimes he will be naive, unless you tell him, he wouldn't have a clue that you need/want something. He mostly jokes around, and alot of those times, he doesn't mean it. He just wants to make you smile, but if it doesn't work, or you're offended, he knows how to apologize.

He could be much worse. Those are the only things he knows he needs to improve in his relationship.

But despite all this, he's grateful his Kasintahan has stuck with him for 20 months now.

I just want to be cheesy.


rudeboy said...


Mark Joe said...

awwwww..sweet! choz! kainggit naman=)

Rah said...

Means Kasintahan is really awesomely understanding. :) That's rare.

khantotantra said...

ayieeee... ang kiso... :p

4 months to go at 2 years na kayo ng kasintahan! gogogo!

Anonymous said...

valentines na ba? :P God bless you both.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

wow..kilig kilig kilig ayiiii :)

Little Miss Pataki said...

Cheers sa 20 months nyo! :)

Hey, you should never feel the need to keep your opinions to yourself. We all have something to say, and if we offend someone, we just have to be ready to take what we deserve and learn how to apologize. :D

Shit kainggit much! Manghuhunting na ko ng buypren! With bazooka. Lol.

McRICH said...

yii, you are loved!

shenanigans said...

sabi ni ricky lee

"kailangan mo ding mahalin ang hilaga, silangan, kanluran at timog ng taong minamahal mo pati na din ang bawat letra sa birth certificate niya. ang bawat utot at hininga niya..."

Gaspard said...

may kilala din akong ganyan! hahaha

hang sweet naman..hehehe

♥superjaid♥ said...

nice and sweet. =D more months and years for you and your Kasintahan.

L said...

yehee! 20th mensi pala. sana umabot ng 200, 2000, 2 million months. hehe.

pareho tayo, ser. boplaks din ako sa pagkabisa sa petsa, pagiging maboka, at pagiging sweet sa kapareha.

ganun naman ata talaga pag mga lalake, hindi showy. hehe.

congrats sa mensi, parekoi. more mens, este...mensi to cum. :p

Maldito said...

sample nga ng pagka awesome mo during sexy times!!sample!!sample!


aphrodite said...

naks naman :)
been reading here for qwuite sometime now :)
sooo enjoy

Dorm Boy said...

Congrats men sa 20 months ninyong pagsasama! Keep the fire burning!

Chikletz said...

hi! perstaym ko dito.. wala lang.

ganyan din ako. di ako sweet tas makakalimutin din. feeling ko tuloy ang insensitive ko minsan. lol.

bagotilyo said...

welcome february..

Love is in the air :)

Raft3r said...

i hate to sterotype
pero lalake ka nga