Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 27, 2011


When you can't sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning, there are  certain things that comes to mind.Things that you don't necessarily think of when you're busy working or doing whatever.

So at 3 o'clock I was thinking of the word trust.

It has been proven time and again specially nowadays that it's hard to trust people. Specially these days when meeting a new person  is just one click away. You don't really get to screen them anymore if they are trustworthy or would stab you in the back the minute you turn your back around.

I've been burned a lot of times. The feeling sucks when that happens.

One befriended me so she can borrow money. Once she got that, she just disappeared.

One became a friend. But then did something wrong with my partner.

One was initially sweet but when I failed to reciprocate the sweetness, tried to turn people against me.

And then there's one who's just plain nasty even when I'm around.

I've moved on from these things. They are petty, and dwelling over them is just childish.

But it's 3 o'clock in the morning.

And I can't get my eyes to close.

Specially now, since I sent my mother a message meant to be sent to 'Kasintahan.'


Mugen said...

And that is why I have all the time in the world, to wait, before meeting a new friend. Apart from the last line, there is something refreshing about this post Gillboard. I'll save my conclusion once I read your next entry.

Good morning!

gillboard said...

mugen: engel missed writing. :)

khantotantra said...

ano kontent ng message mo? kinky text, quuotes? lakad? plans?

hahahaha. Trust is really hard to find. And there's instances that trust is just a wrapper... only from the outside.

rudeboy said...

Sleepless and wide-awake at 3 a.m.? Check!

Funny the things we think about when the hustle and bustle of the day is done, and only darkness and silence are present.

Nice twist at the end, though, as usual.

Skron said...

That's funny, man. I hope your mom will still look at you as a person after she reads your message.

Chyng said...

not everyone is a friend - lesson din yan for me.

and goodluck sa mother m! haha

Jenny said...

i laughed at the last part of your writing..LOL goodluck sa iyo especially if that message for kasintahan contains some kinky thoughts..haha

on trust, dapat we should be very careful whom we give it kasi kahit sa mga taong you are closed with time will come masisira rin ang trust na ibinigay mo sa kanila

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

LOL! Ano ni-text mo?

McRICH said...

nangyayari talaga yung mga ganitong moments, yung tipong pagmulat ng mata mo e gising na agad ang ulirat mo, and in your case, hindi talaga makatulog, maybe it's a sign of growing up, when you seem to care much about what's happening around you.

Sendo said...

sabi nga nung ermats me...wag masyadong magtiwala sa tao agad agad....madali kasi akong magbigay ng tiwala..pero muntik nakong magbiktima nung befriend for money ah ...anyhoo, curious ako sa sinend moto ur mom hihi

Anonymous said...

ahahay ibang klase talaga ang classic na wrong send. okay lang yan gb bawi ka na lang ng tulog next time. hihi.

Mugen said...

Engel can share spaces with Gillboard. :)

rah said...

Haha I wonder what you sent her. Hope it's not embarrassing. :)

Cym Marzan said...

It sure is hard to trust in anyone these days!

YOW said...

Sana I love you lang para kunwari sweet ka kay Mommy mo. LOL.

Yes, not everyone is a friend and can be your friend. Kaya daw, BEWARE!

dong ho said...

i must agree kasi may nangyari din sa kaibigan ko. i think it is just really good to know more each people before we share what we value the most.

Raft3r said...

anong klaseng text pala yun maling sent?