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Jun 8, 2011


Great movie. It's not really very faithful to the source material but it's undeniably entertaining. More of a spy film than a comic book movie, this one will definitely rank high on my end of summer list.

Just want to geek out a bit if you let me. Here are some of the inconsistencies when you compare the movie with the comics (as if you'd care):

- Havok is Cyclops' younger brother
- Moira MacTaggert is not an American spy but an Irish (or Scottish) scientist
- Xavier's First class includes Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman Angel and Beast
- Emma Frost shouldn't be that old. Unless Cyclops is into cougars (she's his current gf)

Still doesn't mean that I didn't like the movie.


Wrote about this a few posts ago but I can't stress enough how awesome this series is. This is like the season's The Walking Dead.

I am not privvy to the written books (for one I can't find a copy on any bookstore I go to) but they say this is pretty faithful to the original material. This show's got everything you want in a series and they're not afraid to flaunt it.

You get beheadings, incest, full frontal nudity, lesbian sex, dwarf sex, basically every immoral thing you could think of that is entertaining, you will see in HBO's latest offering. I doubt they'll show this in it's entirety here in Asia.

I don't watch the show only because of those things, believe me, it is awesome. I love the intriguing story. I love the mythology. I love the nudity. And it is well acted. It's the type you'll only see in movies. But then again it's from HBO so that is expected. Fortunately they deliver.

The season's only ten episodes long and we're at episode 8 already so you can still jump in.


21 - ADELE
I know this has been out a long time already, but it's only recently that I've downloaded or rather asked a colleague's copy of Adele's album.

Honestly, I was blown away by her songs. Most of them may sound bitter, but undeniably at one point or another, we've all gone through what those songs were about.

When I'm tired or travelling, I listen to her album. Heck I sing her songs too. To hell with the people inside the fx who hears my out-of-tune vocals, they're great.

I love how bittersweet Someone Like You sounds, how angsty Turning Tables is, or how hopeful One and Only seems. This is music. Real music. Not some noise that Lady Gaga produces.


Hope this writing streak continues. I miss posting regularly.


rah said...

mejo naintriga ako doon sa adele na soundtrack, nagustuhan ko kasi yung chasing pavements.Isa na yata yon sa pinaka malunkot ng kanta nung 2009. Although, mejo for me unique ung style niya, at sabi mo nga bitter. Cant wait to hear the album.

YOW said...

Di ako makarelate sa comics ng X-Men. Haha. Honestly, di pa ako nakakakita ng ganun. Ako naa! Ako na tagabundok.

Adele is soooo good. I love her. Ang ganda ng voice quality pati way ng pagkanta. Pinakilala lang siya sa akin ng kaibigan sa kantang Hometown Glory kaya close na kami ngayon. Haha.

my-so-called-Quest said...

set fire to the rain... one of the best. 21's a really strong album though. glad nagusuthan mo sya.

joann said...

natuwa naman ako sir kasi naappreciate mo si adele. galing nya no? sa sobrang kaadikan ko nga sa kanya, i've downloaded a lyrics plugin for my media playes para masabayan ko ung mga kanta nya. imagine umagang umaga, i'm belting her songs kaya windang ung mga kapitbahay namin sakin. haha! aside from what you've mentioned, maganda din ung Don't You Remember.. ung kc favorite ko saka ung classic na Rolling in the Deep! :)

the green breaker said...

I like X-men and Adele. Well, Adele better.. :)

nice review for X-men.

Mald\ said...

nice talaga ang movie na xmen compared mo sa dating adaptation..atleast parang nag stick talaga siya sa story line..ahehhee...

madownload nga si adele..

MG said...

lalo tuloy ako naiintriga . hehehe. husto ko panuorin ang xmen

kaloy said...

yey for ADELE 21!

Spiral Prince said...

Yes. I was bothered by that fact. Diba Jean is currently in Phoenix zen mode and entrusted Cyclops to Emma? Kalurkey! Still a great movie, though! :D

Skron said...

I wouldn't really call those things inconsistencies, Gill. But alternations rather.

The thing about comics is that they have multiple universes. In Marvel, we have Earth 616, Ultimate Universe, Mangaverse...a lot. So, the X-Men films is just another part of that multiverse.

Game of Thrones is the shit. I'm big fan of the books. I tried to write something after I saw the first episode but couldn't. It's just too awesome.

I don't like the cast though. They're ugly. They looked much more prettier in my imagination. Cersei, especially.
I don't know who this Adele is.

Raft3r said...

wanna watch xmen tuloy

ok naman si adele
pero paminsan pakiramdam ko overrated na sya

Anonymous said...

i downloaded adele's new album 21. rolling in the deep is my favorite. the rest, i'll have to try listening to them again.

dong ho said...

until now im still undecided if i should really watch this movie because it simply goes out of the story and the characters that i knew from the early comics.

Eben said...

Napanood mo na ba yung latest episode ng GoT? (S01E09)

Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala sa napanood ko. =( Hayup na Joffrey yan! LOL

Anonymous said...

HON! Opus Orange, Tokyo Police Club, Freelance Whales, Local Natives! GO INNDDDDIIIIEEEEE!