Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 24, 2009


Engel's first attempt to have a relationship with a guy was a total and utter disaster. He admits, that was his own doing. It was also the first time he realized that he's not meant to doing bad things because when he does, karma always makes sure that it bites Engel in the ass.

He was a junior in college when that happened. He hasn't been in a relationship for at least a year already by that time. Not that he was heart-broken, but there just wasn't an opportunity. By that time, he was already laid back at school. He's trusted his classmates to finish the papers for him and the only problem he had was the dumb math class that he never thought would be useful to his life outside of school. Suffice to say, during that cold February, he was already bored.

Enter Drew, his only high school friend who knew of his secret then went to him to tell about his broken heart. There was this guy he met online who hurt him bad. Engel does not remember the details, but the bottomline was Drew's date was a total ass. But then Engel knew, that the date wasn't the only ass, Drew is a much bigger ass than the date. Knowing that, Engel realized that Drew had a plan to get even with his date, and it involved Engel.

He hesitated with the plan, knowing that nothing good ever comes out of these things, but being a good friend he accepted. The plan is for Engel to introduce himself to the date, make him fall in love and then dump him harshly just like what was done to Drew. Charming the date was easy for Engel, because during that time he knew that he can attract anyone over the phone with his voice and his sensible personality (that was back then).

It all started through sms, Engel was able to charm his way to Jun, earning his trust and his home phone number. The evening he got Jun's number Engel immediately gave him a ring. They hit it off in an instant. They both found out that they had alot in common. It was a 16-hour conversation that Engel still remembers until now. They liked each other. The moment Engel put the phone down, he questioned what Drew told him about Jun. He was the exact opposite of what Engel pictured.

Their daily conversations became common. They talk to each other during the start of the day, and end the night with the phone still on their ears. This happened for weeks that Engel forgot his real mission why he introduced himself to Drew's ex-date. They've even met more than once. Even bringing him home twice.

Long story short, Engel fell for Jun big time. And he knew that the feeling is mutual.

But being young and stupid, Engel made a mistake. He told the whole truth to Jun. He didn't know what he'll get out of doing so, but he did. And that was a dumb move. Jun got furious and cut all means of communication with Engel. He told him that the reason why he didn't entertain Drew that much was because Drew was an idiot. He was shallow, unsophisticated, and outright gay. The fact that Engel played along with Drew showed him that he's not different from his friend.

Maybe he wasn't. That was his karma. But from that point on, he never did anything remotely as dumb as what he did back then. Playing games with people's hearts is a risky business. Somebody always end up losing. He had to learn that lesson the hard way.


Maxwell Flux said...

i thought those things only happen in the movies, haha. but yeah, playing games with people's hearts is a risky and serious business. been there, done that. i got my karma as well. big time.

engel said...

i know it sounds like an overused plot for a cheesy b-rated pinoy film. didn't expect things to end up that way as well.

i blame youth.

Goodboi said...

I must say that Jun appeared to be the idiot here. What he did after finding out has been an escape. It was a play of guilt, shallowness and close-mindedness. He has pointed a finger against Drew without realizing that the rest of his fingers lead toward him.

So Engel, it's a good karma. You're lucky that you didn't end up with a guy who can leave you just like that after wasting so much time over the phone and meeting up in getting to know each other better. Too bad that it wasn't too deep enough, I guess.

engel said...

if you only knew how many nights i cried over this one.

you do have a point though. but in any case, these things happen in order for us to learn, and i did learn alot after what happened.

no regrets.

theLastJedi said...

' whew this reminds me of a story so close and personal to me.. indeed some lessons are learned the hard way.. that it needs to be pummeled to our heads for us to see that we are way out of line.
- having experienced karma myself, i am sure you have agonized over dz. point is in this kind of situations we only have ourselves to blame. forgive urself as they say, charge it experience and life shall move on no matter what.
- wheeww i juz wrote a handful, well, all because you have one smooth read here.. keep it up pal.. =)

kuri said...

you are correct, most of the time, lessons are always learned the hard way.

been here!

thecuriouscat said...

the fact that you told him the truth should make him like/love you more kase you took the risk of telling it. it only shows that you truly cares dude. sometimes we can't help who we fell in love with. we just can't.

stieg said...

parang pelikula! all lessons are learned the hard way. through mistakes and sheer stupidity on our part.

engel said...

boy android: parang pelikula ba?
last na yan muna sa mga kwento ko.

xtian: i guess he didn't see it that way. may point din naman siya.

kuri: thanks for the visit. balik ka!

last jedi: thanks for the visit. glad you can relate (in a way) with what i wrote.

thecuriouscat said...

kahit na engel. dapat na realize nya na sincere ka since nagopen-up ka sa kanya. i guess cguro ganun talaga.