Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 25, 2007


Nov. 25, Sunday: the country's in the midst of a storm and I really don't have anything to write for my journal. Maybe next year I should create another 100 journal entry goal for things to do in 2008. Thinking of a reason for not coming to work tomorrow if the weather doesn't tame (if that's the correct term).

Let me tell you something about my current job. But before anything else, for those who know what my previous job is, and might think that I've made a mistake... I do not regret any decision I've made in my life. I'm starting over in another call center that's on a day shift. Yes, I am an agent again from being a Supervisor. Like I said, I don't regret this decision.

I really have no plans of returning to the call center industry after I left my previous job. I want a real, minimum-wage-earning-really-stressful-but-connected-to-my-course job. As what I've said to some people at work, I don't want to waste 4 year's worth of tuition fee and allowance from my ever-loving parents (naks plastic!!!).

ANyway, as I said, I'm working in a call center again. This time though I'm not dealing with sales, it's more of customer service and sometimes a little of technical support. Another difference is that I don't deal with Canadians, but their equally nice counterparts in Australia. Also, I'm not dealing with credit card services, telephone lines or computers, but this time my account is about cellular phones... postpaid cellphones. As with my previous entries to protect myself and the company, I'm not going to namedrop.

Here's the thing, before with my previous job, I never really had a problem with regard my attendance, but with my new job, I've only been there for like 3 months but I've already been suspended. Definitely not a characteristic of an ex-supervisor. Although, I am proud to say that tardiness is not a problem with me.

I'm actually thinking of leaving soon, it's just that there's a bond where I'm working so that means I have to stay until March. But, once an opportunity comes my way, I'd grab it. Me being the grabber that I am hehehe.


Maybe in the future I'll think of going to another country, or starting my own business. I just don't know what to start. Do you guys have something in mind?

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