Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 27, 2007


They say that how your room looks is a basis as to how neat a person is. But don't be fooled, my room looks clean at the moment because my parents just returned so the whole house has to look neat. In a couple of weeks time my room will return to looking like a pigsty. I'm really a slob. In any case, the things you'll see in my room... On top of my telly are two speakers from my kickass sound system. Beside the fan at the bottom right side of the pic is my XBox 360. Boxes of my purchases are found on top of my closet and my books and comic books as well. Believe it or not, my framed diplomas are the one at the bottom left side of my room.

Here's my perfume collection. This is basically my vanity cabinet. Can you name all the perfumes there?

That is my bed. On top of it, aside from my pillows is the book that I'm currently reading (Foucault's Pendulum). I'm trying really hard to understand what it's about. And that white thing over there is the controller for my XBox 360. My comics box is the blue thing there that you see

That's my comic book collection obviously. The titles that you're seeing are Justice League of America 1, Astonishing X-men, The Mighty Avengers, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man and World War Hulk. Below my comicbook collection are the cases of my PS2 games, Xbox games and DVD movies. Right now, my DVD titles are Harry Potter 2 and 4, 300 and Transformers.

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