Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 22, 2005


Ive been trying very hard to update my blog these past few days... if you only knew how many intos ive written since my last blog... anyway, i think im a bit rejuvinated right now... none of the writer's block ive been having these last few weeks... Hopefully!!!

Got the hang of my new phone... after one week, i think ive overloaded its memory already... no more space for pictures and mp3's... i think excitement over the phone is a bit of an understatement...hehehe... i still haven't learned how to put those cute little smiley faces on my blogs... if i have time, i might post some of our pictures here on my next blog...

Anyway, it's three more days before Christmas... Im actually forced now to buy gifts for some of my peers because they've given me presents already (some are planning wink wink)... being the typical guy, i really have NO idea what to give them back... can i just give them a hug and a kiss?! Yeah, and i think i need to buy my boss something nice too, given that most of my colleagues bought something special for her... this is where having a girlfriend comes in handy...

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