Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 3, 2012


Take this moment. Enjoy every second of  it.

You deserve it. 

You earned it.

Limang taon mo itong pinaghirapan. Limang taon ng pagod, puyat at pagsusunog ng kilay. 

I have seen you mature in a lot of ways the almost three years na magkakilala tayo. From gimikero na every weekend nasa bar at lasing, to now na nasa bahay at busy with work. Seryoso ka na din with your priorities and your attitude. Although there are still some things I'd wish you'd change, overall I'm still happy with the person you've become.

You have a bright future ahead of you. I am sure of that. Ngayon pa lang nakikita ko na how far you'll go with whatever career you choose. I know how hard you work and the quality of your output is something that is way better than anyone would expect. Just work on your patience. Matutunan mo sanang habaan pa ito.

Five years.

Rank second. 

Masteral degree.

Hon I hope you know how much I am proud of you.

I'm sorry I wasn't there on your commencement rites yesterday but be assured I will always be behind you wherever you go in your life.

Congratulations hon!!!

I love you.


rudeboy said...


To quote an old, old phrase: "Kilig to the bones!"

And because I can see the future: "Shaddap, Ternie!"

khantotantra said...

ang sweet.

congratumalations sa iyong minamahal

Rah said...

congratulations! party time!

Dorm Boy said...

Ininspire mo kasi sya.... un un eh! =)

Chikletz said...

let's go back to the bar and celebrate! (epal mode ako).

congratulations to your honey :)

Anonymous said...

naks, ang sweet mo naman gibo! tamis! :D

Jessica said...

wow... congrats kay HON mo ^_^
narating niya yan dahil nariyan ka, kasama ka sa tagumpay niya.

Dhianz said...

congratz sa kasintahan moh kuyah... take care po nd Godbless!

David Pascht said...

Nice blog!

Chyng said...

wee, at last! congrats to your jowa. welcome to the real world!

Denoy Eusebio said...

kasalan na!!!

randy said...

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