Mga Sumasampalataya

May 31, 2011


"Do you trust me?" the Kid asked Sunday morning.

I said yes.

It hurts when your lover does it. But it hurts more when a friend does.

Last week, when I went to Boracay, I entrusted the Kid to another couple (let's call them blogger and bf). The firts gay couple that we've befriended. The Kid likes them both as the bf is of the same age range as he is.

We've been friends for awhile now. I think we've met twice before last week, me and the blogger more prior. We've grown accustom to each other as we often chat with each other and joke around. The bf's been inviting the Kid to either the blogger's province or bf's home since we last met with them. And since I'll be away, the Kid decided he'd sleep over the bf's place.

I've been wary about them ever since, specially the blogger. I knew he had a crush on the Kid. Sometimes when we chat, he'd joke around about taking the Kid away from me. I didn't mind because he does that all the time.

Thursday, the Kid met with the couple. Everything was fine. They saw a movie and the Kid's been texting with me and calling me for most of the day and night. So I thought everything was okay.

We met last weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I just woke up and we were about to do it when he asked that question. He told me something happened Friday morning.

It was around 2am. The blogger, bf and the kid were all about to sleep. They've been talking about life, about us. Suddenly, the blogger hugged the kid. He kissed him. And then put his hand inside the Kid's shorts. The kid did so too, but he hesitated. The blogger said it isn't right.

The Kid was crying when he told me the story. He thought this was the end of our relationship.

But I didn't think it was his fault. Blogger should not have done that. What's worse was he did it in front of the bf. The bf didn't mind. He thought that somehow these things are a part of gay relationships.

It's disturbing.

The friendship ended that day. I have forgiven them, but thought it would be better to go our separate ways.

I thought it was hard to find friends. I guess it's harder to trust people now too.


Mugen said...

I feel incensed. Yun lang. My sympathies are with you, Engel.

Grey said...

Sucky how warped most gays are in the head. I feel you man.

rudeboy said...

Mmmm dick move, there.

Name names, engel.

Anonymous said...

harder to gain broken trust.


Seth said...


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

hmmm... tsk...

blogger shouldn't have done that..

Jpy Dee said...

hugs to you engel. :)

wala na akong ibang macomment pa dahil nangyayari talaga ang mnga ganyan. maraming nangyayaring ganyan. haist.

john stanley said...

come on engel, spill.

tatampalin ko ang bruhang 'yan.

Mr. Brightside said...

it's these instances that make trusting oneself to another person more difficult. It is sad that it is common in the PLU world :(

Clarence said...

Inspite of people saying that “this” is commonplace in our lifestyle, it doesn’t make it ok… do us all a favour man, tell us who the blogger is para we won’t comtemplate befriending him or start cutting ties na before we entrust our respective partners to him..

Anonymous said...

i hate to be the kontrabida here ... but ...

one, i would never "entrust" my bf to any gay man ever. kahit friend ko pa sya.

two, i would never allow my bf to sleep with any gay man.

three, there is no such thing as friends when lust takes over.

having said all these i don't think the blogger is to blame.

i mean guys ... think about it.

~Carrie~ said...


chingoy, the great chef wannabe said...


Guyrony said...

Engel, Engel, Engel how often do we really ask this question of trust?

But enough about that, you are precisely correct, it is time you relegate them into noncasual acquaintances.

Peter said...

A shame really.

Anonymous said...

Engel, Engel, Engel... Tsk, Tsk, Tsk...

Wala akong masabi.