Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 5, 2008


I'm not really sure what to put here today. I just wanted to put something here because it's been a week since my last post and that's quite a long time. It's mostly work that I'm doing here in New Zealand starting this week, so there's no more excuses to slack around (which sucks by the way).


My second weekend was awesome. I some New Zealand fauna. Finally saw a kangaroo!!! Yay!!! It's just too bad that during my trip to Wellington Zoo, my camera's batteries died on me. So you'd have to make use of my camera phone pictures once I've uploaded them in a couple of week's time.

Saturday, we went to Lindale Farm where we saw lots and lots of sheep. There were goats, rams, a midget horse, llamas, pigs, a cow and other farm animals. I got to feed a lot of them, which was nice. It was disgustingly dirty, but they were all cute. So who cares really.

There was a show. The host sheared the sheep's wool. It doesn't look painful at all. I thought when people do that, the sheep would be all scurrying about, but he (or she) was actually quiet. Didn't move a muscle the entire time.

Oh yeah, I milked a cow. It's easy.

Then Sunday, we went to the zoo. Yeah, like I said, I finally saw a kangaroo and a wallabee... and a lemur... and an otter... I wasn't able to catch a glimpse of the cheetah (he was very fast). Ooh, and the red pandas were beautiful!!! Would've loved it, if New Zealand had some koalas. But I enjoyed that trip very much.


One thing I'll really really miss here in New Zealand is the ICE CREAM!!! They have the best ice cream in the world!!! Specially the Kapiti ones. It's expensive... but it's so worth what you'll be paying. So far, I've only tasted four of their flavors, but damn!!! Damn!!! I'm lost for words.

Fig and Honey, Spicy Apple, Gingernut and White Chocolate. I know some don't really sound delicious. But God!!! Have you seen just how many exclamation points I've put in the last couple of paragraphs? That's how good it is. I love it!!!

If you never hear from me again, that's probably because I stayed in this country and am in hiding (TNT... hahaha... joke). New Zealand ice cream is something I'm never going to forget more than anything. Makes up for the bland food I've tasted my first week here.

That's it for now... Hopefully, I'll be posting some more this week... More pictures perhaps... Cross your fingers.


aajao said...

oi gilbert nasa New Zealand ka? hmm.. pa-inquire naman kung paano ang program nila dyan para sa immigration applicants. saka, pasalubong na rin.. kahit gatas ok lang :P

leviuqse said...

gilbert!!! I ENVY YOU BIG TIME!!!

i wanna go there too!

gillboard said...

aajao: I believe what they will ask from you if you apply would be:

occupation, income, relatives in New Zealand.

aajao said...

ok thanks! yung gatas ha... pasalubong ko! :P

o sa Holland ba marami nun? :P