Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 19, 2008


I have about 500 pics in my computer right now in my camera. I don't think I'll be able to post them all here. So I'll just post some of the highlights of my stay there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go reverse bunjee. That would've been the perfect way to end my NZ journey.

This is rugby at it's most brutal!!! Which is very cool!!!

That's a llama. I wanted to have a picture with him, but he doesn't like how I smell.

A cute baby sheep. Cute = delicious!!!

Me, milking a cow.

The parliament house. An explanation on another similar picture.

That's me feeding a ram.

A sheep before the killing... just kidding... that's before the shearing.

This is my favorite picture. A sheep dog doing her job.

THis is the beehive... from the Parliament House. NZ's Malacañan or White House. I was able to come inside, unfortunately, I can't take pictures.

This is a magician. He swallowed that big knife... or small sword.

A view from Mt. Victoria Peak. That's the whole of Wellington.

THis is a pipe from The Lord Of The Rings. My boss' husband works for the company that made it.

This is the boat from the movie King Kong. Nice eh?

On our way home... Cloud formation from which was really nice.

I still have probably one more post about New Zealand before I officially end the NZ Chronicles. ANd then I'll move on to my regular stories and my next Featured Friend... Sugar. By the way, I arrived safe and sound this morning.


wanderingcommuter said...

tumalon ang puso ko nung sinabi mong papatayin ang sheep... huhuhu. muntik akong umiyak!

iriz said...

sarap naman ng gala mo. ganda ng mga pictures, nice cloud formation.

enjoy every moment gillboard!

take care. ;)

UtakMunggo said...

tsk.. ayaw ni llama ang smell mo? hehe pero buti yung ram pumayag makiapag-piktyur sa yo. :))

naaliw naman ako sa sheep (hindi dun sa pinagnanasaan mong gawing lamb chops.) ganon ba talaga sila ka well-behaved before shearing? parang nakaupo lang siyang ganon. parang istaptoy. hehe

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Roxy said...

Wooooow pics are niceee :)

Welcome home then :)

alex said...

welcome back!!

you had a nice adventure in nz!

inggit ako

Paper Tilapia said...

hey gillboard!! Ü

sent you an e-mail i suppose you still don't have an access to one?


Thanks a heaps for those little trinkets!! Ü Immah eat them slowly until Christmas :P hehehehe.


R-yo said...

wow! new zealand, my dream destination! sana magkatotoo... :-)