Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 26, 2007


I am 25 years old. Quarter of a century's existence on this planet. I am older, not necessarily wiser, but much more learned.

I am not going to say that this means that I am going to be more mature. Hey, I am me. And changes (specially with regards my personality) do not happen in a day. I just am more aware of what I am doing, and dare I say it, this year I will be thinking more before I open my mouth.

There will be some risks that I am going to take. It may cause my heart to be broken again, but unrequieted love... not going to happen this year.

I'm having some heart issues at the moment. More like infatuated with a certain someone. I thought I already got over it, and will settle with friendship. But I guess as the old adage goes, true love never dies. At least I think that this is true love.

I am happy. I know people love me. I celebrated my 25 years for 2 days. That's more than enough proof that my existence has impact.

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