Mga Sumasampalataya

Jul 16, 2010


Engel is excited for the weekend.

He's gonna buy something he's been drooling over since 2008.

He's gonna be bankrupt for one month.

But it doesn't matter.

He's going to have so much fun!!!

It's shallow.

It's geeky.

But Engel really likes it.

Something to get him restless over the next weekends.


But definitely not better than sex.

So just what is it that he's gonna have?

Engel's gonna buy Playstation 3.

Yeah, I'm really babaw like that!!!


Alter said...

not really.

such coincidence, i'm diving the same sea spot! haha. :p

soltero said...

naku oks lng yan, pinaghirapan mo naman..tska meron ka png bluray player ahaha..oh di ba?

ehehe nice :)

Anonymous said...

oh..i thought you called my name... hahaha

Nishiboy said...

ooh im gonna get me one of those soon. =P

Cubaoboy said...

Weee! I'm a proud owner myself, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. I'll share my list of really enjoyable ps3 games.

+ God of War trilogy
+ Heavy Rain
+ Red Dead Redemption
+ Metal Gear Solid 4
+ Tekken 6
+ Uncharted 1 & 2
+ Dead Space
+ Super Street Fighter 4
+ Resident Evil 4
and lots more...

Visit V-mall in Greenhills to trade in old games and save money lols


engel said...

@cubaoboy: i'll just borrow some of the titles from you. i'm purchasing along with the console:
Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear 4 and Uncharted 2.

@ex jason: swap games with me. or see you online! :D

@anonymous: hey geek!! I miss you!!! haven't visited your blog in awhile. :(

@soltero: actually, yung bluray ang habol ko dun. :D

@alterjon: let me know when you decide you'll buy one as well. :)

Cubaoboy said...

sure swap swap tayo...those are great titles you've picked btw. Ingat lang sa puyat pare naka puyat ps3.

imsonotconio said...

hahaha kala ko naman kung ano

Désolé Boy said...

wow!!!can i come over para makilaro..hehe

i love Tekken!!!

VICTOR said...

Is a PS3 effective in the fight against chronic boredom? Perhaps I should consider getting one, too.

engel said...

@victor: very. specially if you have a game that's really fun like Uncharted.

@desole boy: sure. minsan magpapaPS3 party ako. ayain kita. :)

@conio: babaw no?

@cubaoboy: nagsimula na nga kagabi. i went home late because of gimmick, but still found time to play a game before going to sleep. :D

Cubaoboy said...

told you.. :) Gwapo ni Nathan Drake no? lolz

engel said...

@Cubaoboy: Hay, sinabi mo!! Yun lang nilalaro ko kanina. He's cute and funny. Will he take off his shirt at any point in the game? :P

Cubaoboy said...

no shirtless scene grrrr... kahit sa 1st Uncharted wala din :(

citybuoy said...

is it really better than sex? intriguing. haha

engel said...

@cb: i'm almost through with the game. mas balot siya towards the end. i'm such a pervert. :D

@nyl: not really. but it's the third best thing. :D

Mac Callister said...

hehehe kala ko sex toy!joke lang!

Guyrony said...

Let's play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 once it's out!