Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 13, 2007


* I just quit my job in Shipserv after 6 days... the reason... nothing beats my last job!!!
* I am currently relaxing at home... nothing really to do... just read books and watch television.
* Speaking of books, I just finished Map of Bones and reread Harry Potter Book 5 and 6 and eagerly awaiting Book 7's arrival this week.
* After 4 damn years I worked in the kitchen again!!! I cooked spaghetti, caldereta, made some great burgers as well...
* Currently undecided whether to lose weight or eat!!! I'm so torn...
* I am seated beside an old woman chatting with an old man right now...
* I am also seated beside a girl who won't stop singing. THe hell!!! ANnoying!!!
* Crazy about Transformers the Movie and Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
* These are just some quick hits...

Sorry for not updating but I have to rent a pc for me to be able to do this. It's not like I'm in the office anymore. I'm not even allowed inside the premises without security people following me around. As if I wasn't a supervisor there before.

That's the only grunge I have with the company right now. Oh well, I left so I just have to deal with the consequences, right?

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janie said...

hey, what happened? si Dar pa nagsabi sakin na nag resign ka na.. oh well, mas updated sa friendster si Dar e.. =)